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Ouran Koukou Host Club Claims

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1. You must be a member of the community to make a claim. If at any point you choose to leave the community you will not be able to keep your claim.

2. Each claim may only be claimed by one person so it's first come, first serve.

3. Please check the Claims List before making a claim to make sure what you want to claim is still available.

4. Claims are separated into two catagories: Characters and Other. You may make 1 claim for each catagory, or claim 2 things from the 'other' catagory. In other words, you are only allowed 1 character claim. The 'other' catagory can be anything you can think of from something like Hunny's obsession with cake to a certain item that appears in either the anime or the manga. Pairing's between characters fall under the 'characters' catagory and yes, Bun-Bun and Bereznoff are considered characters.

5. When making a claim for a character, please use the characters FULL name for convenience.

6. Please make both your claims in the same post unless you are choosing to only make one claim at this time.

7. Be respectful of other members and please do not whine if someone has already taken the claim you wanted.

8. If you want to give up a claim (and claim another), let me know by making another post, and make it clear in the 'subject' line that you are changing/dropping your claim.

9. Lastly, it is required that your claim appear somewhere in your user info with a link back to the community. (Under a "Claims" cut is fine) Feel free to make a banner for it if you'd like but just a simple link will do. You have one week from your claim being added to the list to add the link. If it is not present after that, your claim will be removed from the list.

~Claiming Form~

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